Yesterday’s History. Tomorrow’s the Future. Tonight’s the Party.

I had this dream when I was a kid that my friends and I would own a movie theater. We’d play what we wanted, when we wanted, for people who wanted to see good movies with better people. We don’t own the theater, but tonight we made this dream a reality. Come watch Can’t Hardly Wait with everyone on the Read at the Show team, the podcasters from, the artists from …and some amazing people who just love the movie.

Screening is at 8pm (get there early) at the Clairidge Theater in Montclair, NJ. Tickets are $6. It will also be the first time i’ll have Bruce Willis with Hair, my poetry book, available for free. I’ll be selling shirts and books and all good things. I’ll also be taking donations for future screenings.

Come out tonight…enjoy it :)

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